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A business driver is a resource, process or condition that is vital for the continued success and growth of a business. A company must identify its business drivers.

Small scale Industries

To examine the drivers of small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) growth, we adopt a holistic multivariate modeling approach, drivers more commonly investigated in firm growth studies.


EMTs are most commonly found working in ambulances, but should not be confused with “ambulance drivers” – ambulance staff who in the past were not trained in emergency care or driving

How We Work

Step 1

He car drivers quotation will consist of all the statutory components like employee provident fund(EPF), employee estate insurance corporation(ESIC), professional tax, bonus, dearness. allowance(DA), basic salary etc.

Step 2

Once we deploy the driver we will generate monthly invoice with our management fee and applicable gst. allowance(DA), basic salary etc.

Step 3

We will look after the payroll, hiring, training part on your behalf allowance(DA), basic salary etc allowance(DA), basic salary etc.

Main Features

Ensure The Payment

We will ensure the payment of due wages/salary to all the driver deployed in the company.

Maintain Attendence

We will maintain his attendance.

Place The Driver

We will place the driver as per the given time.

Replacement of Driver

If the driver is on leave for one day then we will provide you the replacement of driver.

Controlled and Supervised

Driver will be controlled and supervised by our side.

Submit Bill

We will submit the bill on monthly basis to company.

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