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Call Drivers in Chennai service 24×7 by Drivers in India ‚cars are an indispensable part of life in the modern days. In today’s hustle and bustle, Chennai drivers often get carried away while they are on the road. Road accidents may occur in haste or due to a sudden adrenaline rush where you would want to know if you can beat your peers in the race. These can turn out to be fatal. Things as minute as looking away from the road to switch the music or undivided attention thanks to a phone call can result in disasters.

The common excuses used, like, “It was just one call” or “I was getting late for a meeting!” or “A few drinks won’t hurt and I can keep it under control.”, are completely unacceptable. As the person behind the wheel, it is your responsibility to give your undivided attention to the road. No one stopped you from partying all night, but you need to stop yourself from drinking so much if you are the one driving yourself home. Or even better – get a call drivers in Chennai to go home after a late party night. Just imagine a world where someone you love gets hit by an irresponsible driver. Wouldn’t you feel angry and blame it on him? Rightly so.

Texting, speeding, drunk driving, tailgating, fatigue, ignoring signs are just some of the most common poor driving choices made by drivers in Pune and no excuse works once tragedies happen on the road. A trip to the hospitals may fix broken bones but the trauma that follows can be lifelong. Who are you to jeopardize someone else’s life? You have been given the luxury of driving as a means of transport, but not the liberty to abuse it.

Hence, it is your duty as a call driver in Chennai to make healthy driving choices to ensure the safety of both the pedestrians and the passengers. Keep a lookout for signs, put that phone away, ask yourself thrice if you are sober to drive (sometimes one drink can be a drink too many) and be conscious of your surroundings and you will be good to go.

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Driver For Hire Service

Driver for hire service for monsoon which can prove to be a real challenge for drivers. Once it starts to pour, traffic on the roads, especially in the cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Bangalore can be completely chaotic. Aside from the water-logged roads, there is also a chance that traffic could come to a complete stand-still due to blocked roads, malfunctioning signals and other unexpected mayhem. 

Unless you are truly an experienced driver, it can be really difficult to maneuver you vehicle safely through all the confusion. Not to mention the aching arms and the cramping legs as you sit for hours in the slow moving traffic, trying to get home. The good news is that you don’t have to bear the bad weather by yourself. 

There are many driver for hire service in India that will set you up with professional drivers who can be hired to drive you around during the rainy season. Drivers in India specialize in providing you with the best driver on hire service in and around All major cities with our experienced drivers, all you have to worry about is enjoying the rain splashing across your car windows while you sit snug and warm in the comfort of your vehicle. Here are some ways you can enjoy the monsoon weather with Drivers in India.

Comfort of your own vehicle: One of the best things about getting your own personal driver is that you can travel around in the familiar comfort of your own car. Not only does the familiarity of having your own things around you the make challenging weather seem more bearable but it also keeps you energized enough to meet the daily demanding schedule without feeling too under the weather. At Drivers in India, we offer both driver on demand and permanent drivers on monthly basis depending on how long you require our services. Our driver for hire service operate in the regions of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai , Thane, PuneDelhi NCR & Bangalore.

Best driver for hire service:
 Our drivers are all undergo a very meticulous verification process. As a result, there are all very proficient at their jobs. With their expert knowledge and skills, you can be absolutely sure that you can get around the city safely even in the bad monsoon weather. The slippery and wet roads that you are faced with during the monsoon season can be very dangerous and it is advisable to ensure that somebody trained and experienced is behind the wheel during the wet season.

Affordable prices:
 Driver for hire service is affordable & flexible you pay when you avail the services. This is makes it easy for you to hire your personal drivers for however long you want. Since the monsoon season can last for months, it would be safer and easier to have a driver on hire on a daily basis. This way you can be assured of your personal safety as you go about your daily businesses in the city.

Due to the ease of availability and the expert skills of most drivers working for Drivers in India, you no longer have to look at the monsoon season with terror. On the other hand, since you have expert hands holding your steering wheel for you, you can be freed up to take care of other more relevant matters.

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Truck Drivers In India: The Unnoticed Warriors Of Covid

The whole of India went to complete lock down from 25March 2020 to fight the corona pandemic. This lock down has brought about disruption in every part of the country from livelihood to mobility of people almost completely halted.

During this lock down we have seen our health professional putting their life at risk to treat people infected by the deadly virus & people have praised their work however,

We missed to acknowledge the contribution of few more heroes who are putting their life at risk so that we are not short of essential items like fruit & vegetables, medicine, groceries etc. 

These people are none other than our Indian truck drivers who are working selflessly since the lock down began in March this year.

While you are reading this article in comfort of your home at this very moment there might be hundreds of truck drivers if not thousands on road moving from city to city, state to state carrying your essential items which you use on daily basis & trust me they are not making a fortune out of it. 

Infact their journey to provide the essential items on time is filled with countless hardship like,

1- Risk of getting infected by covid 19

2- Harassment by police is as usual , many truck drivers in India have complained they have been beaten by the cops though vehicles carrying essential goods are allowed to move.

3- Their waiting time for loading and unloading of trucks have increased drastically due to shortage of labor in lockdown.

4- They are not sure if they will get their meal on their way since most dhabas and food malls are closed in this lock down and many have gone without food for days in order to reach on time to the destination

5- they have not been welcomed enroute by strangers to help them with food and water as each fears of getting infected

Some of the initiatives for these truck drivers in India are carried out is below but more needs to me done.

1‑Tata Motors and Indian Oil have come together to take care of our Truckers towards their immense duty and responsibility in this crisis of Covid-19 through their Saarthi Aaram Kendra

As part of the ongoing support initiative, free food, masks and sanitisers are being provided to the Truckers at 14 locations across India.

Till date a cumulative number of 3850 + truckers have been provided with “on ground support” at these 14 locations.

2‑Eicher in association with IOCL has till now offered meals & water at their pragati kendras across the country.

3‑NHAI- Highway authority have made food and water at toll plazas.

4‑Driver seva app by locus to help truck drivers find food and water availability on the go.

5-Desh ke Saarthi is helping these truck drivers to find trucking job through its platform on a pan India level.

Do not forget these truck drivers contribution in making your life less pain full in this lock down, appreciate & support them in best possible ways you can.

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