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Who we are,a brief history

Drivers in India as the name suggest is the company which exclusively deals in car driver’s recruitment, training and placement services for companies and individuals. The company has travelled the journey from being a sole proprietary firm to a professionally managed private limited company having multiple offices to cater multiple cities. The service was started in Mumbai in 2007 with few staff managing the complete business & today the company has dedicated teams to look after each process of the business. Consrv infotech pvt limited is a technological partner of drivers in india,it is a business aligned technology services provider with proven capabilities in mobile Application Development & Maintenance.

Dedicated call center

‘We are here to attend you 24x7’ In today’s fast moving world you may require driver at any time in day or night for this we have dedicated call center which operates round the clock to take and cater customer requirements.

‘The more option we have the better we choose’

We have thousands of registered drivers from different cities in our data base looking for employment through us. We work differently by having a different approach:

‘Indeed it’s an information age moving at lighting speed’

It is not a joke in today’s high tech world no company is spared if it is not backed by technology; we are aware and have embraced it whole heartedly to manage our day to day operation smoothly and serve our customer quickly and efficiently. All registered customers use mobile app to use our ‘driver on call service’. All the customers and drivers data is securely saved on our virtual server. All the offices are centrally run on crm Drivers have a separate mobile app to receive duty alerts

‘Driver se Driverji or driver saab, how well a product or service is there is always chance of improvement’

An educational video cum facilitator program for car drivers, luxury car owners can now take a relief by training their drivers in personal grooming, communication, etiquettes, passenger service, alertness & making them conscious by realizing their mistakes & making them a responsible personal driver There was a time when we had only cars like ambassador or fiat but today thousands of luxury cars are sold every month in India but the sad part is that there is no change in the standard of drivers who drives them, they lack the class and finesse which these cars demands many don’t know even the basics of giving good service. During that time a driver was called driverji or driver saab and was considered as a member of the family such was the respect of this professional however today the same professional is considered as mazdoor and does not command that respect. This transition of perception among car owners has drastically downgraded the self-esteem of present drivers in the city and to a major extend the drivers them self our responsible for it as many lacks in soft skills like etiquettes, communication, grooming etc and also due to their irresponsible behavior. However we at Synergy Manpower service Pvt Ltd have taken a challenge on this to change the perception of this profession and help drivers to regain their lost self-esteem for this neglected segment of our work force.

Self-esteem & confident

Learning for drivers begins when they are motivated and feel pride in what they do. This session boosts their self-esteem & confidence as a driver, the session emphasize that driving profession is a respected profession and a driver has a lot of responsibility on his shoulder.

Communication skills

This session make the driver realize how many times they do mistakes due to communication gap and are not able to understand where they went wrong, the session emphasize to first listen and understand the instruction well without interrupting in the middle, confirm the task before proceeding and communicating about the completion of the work completed to your boss or the concerned person.

Driver’s bad behaviour

This session is very important eye opener for them many drivers have no idea of their mistakes, they take it as natural as breathing like coming late , grooming standards, eating in car, sleeping in car. The session pin points various mistakes done by drivers because of which many lose their jobs or do not get increment.

Safety & alertness

It is very important session as it directly deals with the safety of the passenger, car and the driver himself. The session inculcates the responsibility to take care of the car and being alert all the time to avoid theft, loss and threat.

Good service

Majority of the drivers know that their responsibility as a driver is only restricted to driving, what is called giving a good service many are completely unaware, this session makes them realize that merely being a good driver is not sufficient in long run. The session covers various topics like grooming, punctuality, courtesy, opening the door etc We also conduct this training program for corporate companies having fleet of drivers.